ANGUS & ROBERTSON - Sydney/Melbourne - published 1980-1986

It is my understanding that Angus & Robertson is a chain of bookstores throughout Australia and apparently they reprint popular titles for local distribution. According to the copyright page, they do have offices in London (Singapore and Manila too), and the books are definitely in sync with the British market since they use the same numbering system (rather than the American sequencing).

I chose to use the illustration to the right because it is a cover used exclusively by Angus & Robertson (A&R). For the first 4 titles (listed below), the A&R covers mimicked the Armada UK paperbacks of the same era. However, the A&R books give us the name of the artist: Peter Archer, who must have been the illustrator for all of the Armada "Format B (yellow box)" paperbacks since the style is so consistent among all the covers. Interestingly enough, it appears that Archer did covers for (UK) #s 55-58 (maybe even up to #60) which were never used by Armada. My copies of #s55-60 in "Format C (one star) include a banner stating that they are "New,"and the artwork is completely different from the Archer style. Anyway, A&R did not let the covers go to waste, and you can see the rare Archer artwork exclusively on their books. The reason I believe Archer's illustrations may be used through #60 is that there is a skip in the numbering there, and starting with #69, A&R started using the American artwork for their covers instead.

The A&R books retain the Paul Frame internals, and are printed in Hong Kong.

Digest size glossy hardback - 7 1/2" H x 4 7/8" W; on spine: number, "Nancy Drew" in script, author and title in capitals, intertwined A&R logo at base (2 styles, one with capital letters, one with lower case)

The Swami's Ring. Artwork by Peter Archer, 1982, Angus & Robertson Publishers.


This logo of Nancy fussing with her dark red locks appears on the back cover of all the Angus & Robertson books - above a synopsis of the story.



Australian #




The Triple Hoax

Peter Archer (UK)


The Flying Saucer Mystery

Peter Archer (UK)


The Secret in the Old Lace

Peter Archer (UK)


The Greek Symbol Mystery

Peter Archer (UK)


The Swami's Ring

Peter Archer (UK)


The Kachina Doll Mystery

Peter Archer (UK)


The Twin Dilemma



Captive Witness

Peter Archer (UK)


The Mystery of the Winged Lion



Race Against Time



The Emerald-Eyed Cat Mystery

Hector Garrido (US)


The Eskimo's Secret

Hector Garrido (US)


The Bluebeard Room

Hector Garrido (US)


The Phantom of Venice

Hector Garrido (US)

Super Sleuths!

Sanderson/Assel (US)

* Although Triple Hoax is #51 in the UK sequencing, this book has #57 on the spine in error


1998, Lea Shangraw Fox