Nancy Drew Esetei (Nancy Drew Cases)


The Magyar Nancy Drews were published by Rege Kft, in association with Maecenas International. The books are translated into Hungarian by Maria Boda. This publisher uses the American artwork but reformatted the cover style.

Per Simon & Schuster, 6 titles from the Nancy Drew "classic" series were released in Hungary. Although S&S indicated that the titles were from the "classic" series, the examples found in the wild have been 2 from the paperback series and 2 from the Files, and only 4 titles overall.





Mass market paperback - 7" H x 4 1/4" W.

Nancy Drew Esetei: Az Ev Arca (Nancy Drew Files: A Model Crime). Artwork by Penalva, copyright © 1990 by Simon & Schuster, New York NY.

Hungarian Title

U.S. Title


A régi csipke titka

Secret in the Old Lace (Classic PB)

The secret of old lace
Az év arca Model Crime (Files)
The face of the year
Kockázat bérelhetö Danger for Hire (Files)
Risk can be rented
A szemfényvesztök
Triple Hoax (Classic PB)
The light in the eyes of pumpkin (what?)

Many thanks to collector Tom Angi for his efforts in motivating the Hungarian book scouts and providing most of the information included on this page.

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