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INDIRA - Jakarta, 1982-1984?

The Indonesian books completely mimic the early Wanderer "arch" style, utilizing the first covers produced for the series (by Sanderson and Garrido). Some of the covers have copied images of the original books, and one of my books (Old Lace) uses the UK Armada B artwotk. The original US internals are also reproduced. It appears that the reprints were short lived and ended around the time that the series took a break before the launch of the Nancy Drew Files.

Additionally at least one of the titles from the Be a Detective series was translated into Indonesian - a scan of the cover is included below. 


Jadilah Detektif Cerita Miserti  (Be Detective Mystery)
Rahasia Pedang Ksatria Perak (Knight's Sword) 1985, artwork Hector Garrido)

Digest size paperback - 7 1/4" H x 5" W, Wanderer "arch" style spine with black text "Nancy Drew," title, publisher's logo

Misteri Piring Terbang (The Flying Saucer Mystery). Artwork by Ruth Sanderson
  1980 Simon & Schuster, New York NY.

Indonesian Title

U.S. Title


Sindikat Tukang Sulap

Triple Hoax

Syndicate of the Magician

Misteri Piring Terbang

Flying Saucer

Mystery Flying Saucer

Rahasia Renda Tua

Old Lace

The Secret of Old Lace

Misteri Simbol Yunani

Greek Symbol?

The Greek Symbol Mystery

Misteri Cincin Ramaswami

Swami's Ring

Mystery of the Ramaswami's Ring

Misteri Patung Kachina

Kachina Doll

The Kachina Statue Mystery

Teka-Teki Ganda

Twin Dilemma?

The Dual Puzzle

Rahasia Kursia Roda

Captive Witness

The Secret of the Wheelchair

Rahasia Rumah Tua

Race Against Time

The Secret of the Old House

Pencarian Ahli Waris

Elusive Heiress

The Search for the Heir

Jangkar Patah

Broken Anchor

The Anchor was Broken

Kesan Misterius

Mysterious Image

The Mysterious Impression

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