Similarly to the Japanese editions, there is a variety of formats published in the Korean market - I have my suspicions as to how many of them were actually licensed.  For the majority of the books featured below I have only ever seen the image online, and many of them appear to be "stand alone" publications.  The only one I have seen in person are the Saesonyeon Four and Wonder & Learn editions, so if anyone else has access to any of the other formats please let me know so I can fill in the appropriate details.

 소녀탐정 낸시의 모험   (Girl Detective Nancy's Adventure)

 캐롤린 키인 Carolyn Key

I have only seen images of these books and have not been able to determine the publisher's name.  They appear to be spinoffs of the 1970s Japanese editions published by Yomiuri Shimbun as they recycle the artwork from those books.  Yomiuri had published 10 titles in Japan, all of which may or may not have been translated into Korean; however I have only found evidence of 2 titles.

Korean 1

 hardback in dust jacket?

추리령소설 초록불빛의 유. Artwork copyright © 1976 by The Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan.

Korean Title

English Translation

American Title

의 모험 / 잃어버린 지도

Adventure Lost Map

Mising Map?  artwork from Wooden Lady

추리소설 초록불빛의 유령

Phantom of the Green Light
Blackwood Hall


소녀 탐정 낸시 드루  (Nancy Drew Girl Detective)

캐롤린 키인 Carolyn Key

This was the most coordinated effort by a Korean publisher to issue a Nancy Drew series. The artwork is original and if an illustrator is credited, it's in Korean so I can't share that information with you.  The artist appears to have used the UK format "C" as a model in creating his/her composition.  As demonstrated here there are disparate elements frointernalm the story (bats, spooky house, ghostly figure) that are placed in a montage with a giant Nancy figure at the center.  So while it is not a full on copycat of the UK artwork, the inspiration seems pretty clear.

There are 4 internal illustrations which do not look familiar to me, i.e., I'm pretty sure they were created for this edition.  They are nicely executed line drawings.

Tall paperback with laminated front and back flaps; 8 1/4"H x 4 7/8"W x 3/4" D

초록불빛의 유령, Artist unknown © 1984 by Saesonyeon Four.

Korean Title
English Translation
U.S. Title
Vol #

초록불빛의 유령
Phantom of green light
Blackwood Hall
카치나 인형의 비밀
Kachina doll mystery
Kachina Doll
스와미의 반지
Ring of Swami
Swami's Ring
십자말풀이 암호문 Crossword cipher Crossword Cipher 5

금성출판 사

소녀탐정 낸시 외  (Other Girl Detective Nancy)

Two volumes from the MT Junior Detective series are Nancys -  others in the series appear to be Judy Bolton, Connie Blair and Sherlock Holmes.  I don't really like the way Nancy's head is floating fee on this covers - I think someone forgot to color in her neck or something.


낡은 괘종시계의 비밀 외, Artist unknown © 1985? by Venus Press.

Korean Title
English Translation
U.S. Title
Vol #
낡은 괘종시계의 비밀 외 explore the secrets of an old grandfather clock
Old Clock?
사형이 없는 나라
a country without death penalty


비밀계단 (Secret Stairway)
“Chungpan” edition
Probably Hidden Staircase
People's Publishing
소녀 탐정 낸시  Girl Detective Nancy
새롬  Saerom
리버프론트는 잠들지 않는다
(The riverfront does not sleep)
NDF#94 Illusions of Evil, 1994

Book21 Publishing Group, Paju

Nancy Drew and the Crew Clue

The first four stories from the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series, aimed at early readers, were published in what appears to be a way for young Koreans to learn English.  The full English text is in what we would consider the "front" and then the full text is repeated in Korean in the "back."  The publishers also marketed some CDs and MP3s of these stories in what I think is a Read-Along type program.

While the U.S. logo of the Crew Clue is recycled, some very cute original artwork was created for the cover (I have not been able to determine the artist).  There are also internal line drawings.

Hardback 7 3/4" H x 5 3/4" W x 1" D

Sleepover Sleuths, artwork unattributed
© 2011 Book21 Publishing Group, Paju, South Korea

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