When Karen Plunkett-Powell was researching her book The Nancy Drew Scrapbook, circa 1993, she was advised by the American publishers that negotiations had recently been completed for the issue of some of the mysteries in Lithuania. However, not until 2001 were any titles issued in this language.

SIROKAS - Vilnius - published 2001

Nensės Driū nuotykiai

The Baltic nations of Lithuania and Estonia both introduced Nancy Drew titles from the Classic Digest series in 2001. They both reuse the American artwork on the covers and there are no internal illustrations.  Although there is evidence of 3 titles issued in Lithuanian, I have only ever seen actual copies of Forgotten Cave

In Lithuania the author's name is changed to Karolina Kyné.

Digest size paperback; matte finish - 7 1/2" H x 5" W, white spine Sirokas logo, volume number, series name, title and Karolina Kyne

Pasleptos olos paslaptis (The Secret of the Forgotten Cave). Artwork by Ernie Norcia,
copyright © 1996 by Simon & Schuster, New York.

Lithuanian Title

U.S. Title

Foreign #

Literal Translation


Paslėptos olos paslaptis

Forgotten Cave


The hidden secrets of the cave


Raudonos gazelės mįslė

Ruby Gazelle?


Red gazelle mystery


Vestuvių dienos misterija

Wedding Day?


Wedding Day Mystery


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