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SWIFT CHILDREN'S BOOKS - possibly Bath?, Chivers Press, published by Firescrest Publishing Ltd., Bath 1985-1992


These Swift Books are quite hard to find, especially since you have to compete with Hardy Boys collectors for most of them. All the copies I have are ex-library, so possibly they were not released for public consumption. Although SuperSleuths! recycles the US artwork, the other covers are all original illustrations. However the American Paul Frame internal illustrations are  still present.

During the 1980s, the first four volumes from the "Be A Detective" series were reprinted, as well as the other peripheral releases, such as SuperSleuths and Camp Fire Stories. Then in the 1990s, Swift appears to have gotten permission to release stories from the "core" series, and produced one each from the Classic Paperback series and the Files.

Digest-size glossy hardback - 7 3/4" H x 5 1/4" W; title in yellow, white line separates from author; Swift "flying bird" logo at base of spine

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: Secret Cargo. Artwork by Stanley S. Drate, copyright 1985 Chivers Press.



The Secret of the Knight's Sword


Danger on Ice


The Feathered Serpent


Secret Cargo


SuperSleuths #2


Camp Fire Stories


Super Sleuths


Fatal Ransom (Nancy Drew Files #12)


The Puzzle at Pineview School (Nancy Drew #90)


MAMMOTH BOOKS - London 1997

Nancy Drew Notebooks

Only the first 2 titles from the Notebooks series were issued by Mammoth.  I'm not sure if this is a situation where they were unauthorized and were told to cease and desist, or if the sales were just so poor that the publisher decided not to pursue any more editions. 

Some very simple line drawings were thrown together for the covers, and the American internal illustrations by Anthony Accardo are recycled.

Digest size paperback - NANCY DREW Notebook vol #, pencil, CAROLYN KEENE, Mammoth logo and name
The Slumber Party Secret.  Artwork by Ken Cox,
copyright 1997 by Reed International Bookd Ltd., London.

POCKET BOOKS UK - 1999 - 2001

In 1999, Pocket Books, which is a division of Simon & Schuster UK, decided to reprint several of Files with a snappy and colorful new format. The covers all feature the fractured Nancy Drew logo, and a symbol of the story surrounded by a flower motif. The petals disintegrate into fingerprints at the bottom left of the flower, making the appearance both girly and mysterious at the same time. The colors are quite vibrant and the petals are many of a glossy substance which contrasts nicely with the matte finish of the book.

As a marketing promotion, Pocket Books conducted a contest wherein clues were inserted in the beginnings of the first nine books. The clues were in a code which consisted of a series of squares, triangles, circles and spots which the Girl Detective in all of us was supposed to interpret.

Best of all, Simon & Schuster implemented a Nancy Drew fan club to garner interest in the revamped series. Enrollment in the club gets you a membership card, "Get on the Case" postcard, "Do Not Cross" sign to hang on your doorknob, code wheel (for solving the code from the contest) and a quarterly Nancy Drew Club Magazine entitled "ClueDunnit?" The 4-page newsletters feature promotions for new Nancy Drew releases, Q&A with female Police Constable Natasha Smart, quizzes, cartoons, puzzles and fan letters. It is a highly-produced layout with lots of graphics.

Mass Market paperback; semi-gloss finish - 7" x 4 3/8"; image from front wraps around to spine; Pocket Books kangaroo logo; Nancy Drew, flower image and title in stylized writing; Carolyn Keene.

Flirting With Danger. Imaging by Black Sheep; copyright 1999, Viacom International Inc.

The Pocket Books are not numbered, and they were released in no particular order; in other words, they do not follow the same numbering system as the previous Armada/Archway books.

Nancy Drew Files Title

Release Date

Illusions of Evil

July 1999

False Pretences

July 1999

Making Waves

July 1999

Runaway Bride

July 1999

Out of Bounds

September 1999

Flirting with Danger

October 1999

Fatal Attraction

November 1999

Till Death Do Us Part

December 1999

Pure Poison

January 2000

Make No Mistake

February 2000

Instinct For Trouble

March 2000

False Impressions

June 2000

For Love or Money

August 2000

Cold As Ice

October 2000

Sweet Revenge

December 2000

Tall, Dark and Deadly

February 2001

Most Likely to Die

April 2001

Into Thin Air

June 2001

Perfect Plot

August 2001

Tall, Dark and Deadly/Runaway Bride (2 in 1 edition)

September 2001

SIMON AND SCHUSTER UK - London 2005-2006

Girl Detective

The first 6 Girl Detective books were released soon after their US counterparts came out, but they were very short lived.  The covers all have the same pop art version of Nancy with a thought bubble that gave a teaser for the mystery.  The color scheme would change from book to book, but otherwise the graphics are identitcal.

Plans were made in 2006 to revive some Files titles using Pocket Book's "fingerprint flower petal"format, but revamped under the Girl Detective brand.  Covers were created and posted on online book vendors, but the books were never published.

Digest-size glossy paperback - NANCY DREW, face logo, title, Simon and Schuster

Without a Trace. Artwork unattributed, copyright 2005 by Simon & Schuster UK Ltd., London.


I have seen evidence that the first 10 or so titles from the Nancy Drew Files series were printed in 1988. To date I have never seen one of these Franklin Watts books, and perhaps they were library editions such as the US Greycastle editions.


Diamond 3-in-1




Hidden Window - Whistling Bagpipes - Mysterious Mannequin

"D" Mysterious Mannequin


Crooked Bannister - Sky Phantom - Thirteenth Pearl

"D" Sky Phantom


Eskimo's Secret - Bluebeard Room - Phantom of Venice

"C" & "D" Phantom of Venice (used same illustration)


Old Clock - Lilac Inn - Clue in Diary

"D" Lilac Inn


Twisted Candles - Haunted Bridge - Jewel Box

"E" Haunted Bridge


Golden Pavilion - Old Attic - Old Album

"E" Golden Pavilion


Triple Hoax - Flying Saucer - Old Lace

"E" Broken Locket

1994 (Diamond logo on spine instead of Laurel)

Black Keys - Leaning Chimney - Scarlet Slipper

"D" Black Keys

1994 (Diamond logo)

Elusive Heiress - Ancient Disguise - Broken Anchor

"E" Jewel Box

1994 (Diamond logo)

Dancing Puppet - Crumbling Wall - Ringmaster's Secret

"D" Crumbling Wall

? (Diamond logo)

Twin Dilemma - Captive Witness - Winged Lion

"E" Hidden Staircase

? (Diamond logo?) unconfirmed

Other Miscellaneous 3-in-1s





Collins PB

Phantom of Venice - Old Clock - Lilac Inn

"E" Hollow Oak on front; "D" Lilac Inn on spine


Woolworths hardback

Crumbling Wall - Tolling Bell - Black Keys

large blue with paint spatters; "Bumper Book of Nancy Drew Stories"; illustration of "C" Twin Dilemma


Mulberry hardback

Tapping Heels - Tolling Bell - Pine Hill

large dark blue w/ purple at top of spine; illustration of "D" Crumbling Wall

no date

Dragon Books hardback

Tapping Heels - Tolling Bell - Pine Hill

exactly same as Mulberry

no date

Paragon - Bristol (affiliated with Diamond?)


Cover illustration


Forgotten City - Strange Message in Parchment

"D" Old Clock


Crocodile Island - Red Gate Farm

"D" Mysterious Mannequin


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