The "Nensi Dru" books were published in Russia by this firm, known as "Top Secret" in English. The books were originally issued with a plain cover an illustrated dust jacket, but soon evolved into a glossy finish picture cover. Both formats feature original artwork which wraps all the way around the book. It appears that all the titles translated were from the "classic" series rather than the Files, although there may be a SuperMystery that was produced.

Many of the books from Sovershenno Sekretno came packaged as 2-in-1s.


In the first books that came in dust jacket, there are some black and white line drawing internals. I especially like this one, from the book I believe to be Old Clock, as it shows the Topham sisters looking and acting like Cinderella's ugly step-sisters.

Digest size hardback; glossy finish - 8 1/8" H x 5 1/2" W, squared spine with "Nancy Drew,""Carolyn Keene" and sometimes a volume number. Cover illustration wraps around spine onto back cover.

2-in-1 book of The Mystery pf the Masked Rider and The Case of the Artful Crime. Artwork unattributed,
copyright 1995 by Sovershenno Sekretno, Moscow.

Russian Title

American Title


Hidden Staircase

mysterious staircase

Bungalow Mystery

little summer house mystery

Lilac Inn

lilac inn mystery

Shadow Ranch

ranch of the shadow mystery

Red Gate Farm

farm "red gates" mystery

Larkspur Lane

delphinium alley mystery

Hollow Oak

old oak mystery

Missing Map

missing map mystery

Leaning Chimney

leaning chimney mystery

Old Stagecoach

old stagecoach mystery

99 Steps

99 steps mystery

Crossword Cipher

monkey puzzle mystery

Spider Sapphire

secret of sapphire with the spider

Phantom of Venice

spectre in Venice

Fenley Place

the horrible occurrence at the private home (estate)

Clue in the Camera

mysterious photograph

Shady Glen

valley of shadows mystery

Antique Trunk

puzzle of antique trunk

Artful Crime

matter of the artful crime

Miner's Creek

legend of the mountain stream

Tibetan Treasure

tibetan treasure mystery

Masked Rider

rider in a mask mystery

Nutcracker Ballet

"Nutcracker" ballet mystery

Secret at Solaire

resort "Solaire" mystery

Queens Court

crime at the court of the queen

Lost at Sea

the secret which the sea kept

Trouble at Lake Tahoe

incident at Lake Tahoe

Ghost Stories

ghost stories

I don't have confirmation that the following titles correspond to the American titles, but I'm pretty sure on a couple of them.

Old Clock?

mystery of the old clock

Mystery on the Menu?

crime in the restaurant

mystery of the solarium

Vanishing Veil?

mystery of the disappearing veil

Misty Canyon?

mystery of the shady valley

Rising Stars?

mystery of the rising stars

Lake Tahoe? *

dangerous adventure at Lake Tahoe

Supermystery: At All Costs?**

sabotage at the Olympic games

* Trouble at Lake Tahoe is already attributed to another title, but this one is very similar - could be that the title is listed differently in different places, and this is the same book.

** by Franklin Dixon

The Her Interactive computer games are very popular in Russia and almost all of them have been translated for that market.  There is a web site that appears to be in partnership with Her Interactive as well as many other sites maintained by Russian fans.  I have also seen several bootleg editions of these games with alternative artwork on the CDs.


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