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When I first heard about these editions in Sinhala, I was unfamiliar with the language.  A little research revealed that it is spoken in Sri Lanka and has about 16 million native speakers (thanks Wikipedia!).  The pretty curlicue Sinhala alphabet is new to me and I still need to find a way to transcribe the titles for my grid below.  There may be more titles available than what is listed below - it has been very hard to obtain information on these books.

The covers mimic the later Minstrel format of the giant silhouette head with Frank Sofo's artwork (except for Black Cat which uses a mash up of Nancy from the Files with a generic castle background; this is probably because Sofo did not do a cover for this title). The images are pretty grainy and were probably scanned from an existing book rather than from the original artwork or high quality image.  Translated by Sudath Rohan.mud

The Nancy Drew logo looks like the girl you see on an 18 wheeler's mud flaps, but with a cloche hat and a magnifying glass.  It's kind of a weird posture for sleuthing!  The Nancy Drew brand and title are in a futuristic font - maybe to bring in some Trekkie type fans?

Digest size paperback; 7 1/4"H x" x 5 1/4"W
 (The Case of the Twin Teddy Bears). Artwork by Frank Sofo 
2001 by Simon & Schuster, New York NY.

Sinhala title

U.S. Title

Prinle madure dithwa abirahasa


Fenley Place


Athurudahan (woo) saluwe abirahasa

Vanishing Veil

Tedy Bear Abirahasa

Twin Teddy Bears


Kalu Balalage Shapaya

Black Cat's Clue


Wurka (vurka?) abhaya bhumiye sengavuna rahasa

Mother Wolf

Shady Glen?


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