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Sweden's "Kitty Drew" series has been in print since 1953 and titles are still available today - Nancy and her adventures seem to have caught on quite well with the Swedes. Not only are the stories from the "classic" series available, this publishers has also produced volumes from the Case Files, Nancy Drew Notebooks, Girl Detective and Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys SuperMysteries series. However, Wahlströms does not distinguish between the classic and case files and the titles are comingled in their "Kitty" series - I have separated them in my tables below for clarity. Due to size constrictions, titles outside of the classic series are listed on the Swedish 2 page.

Please refer to my article in the August 1998 issue of Yellowback Library (Number 170) for more details on this publisher.

To the right is the earlier format of the Kitty books, with the red cloth spine. These all had original artwork created for the Swedish market; many were done by Bertil Hegland, which imitated the Gilles or Nappi covers that were available in the U.S. at the same time. Other illustrators from this era were Rikard Lüsch, who used a harsh, impressionist style, and Ulla Urkio who did many psychedelic renditions for the Kitty series.

Digest size hardback - 7" H x 4 7/8"" W; spine is red cloth with catalog number at top, "Carolyn Keene:" and title in black capitals; matte finish appliqué covers on front and back.

Kitty och diamantstölden (The Mystery at Lilac Inn). Artwork by Bertil Hegland, copyright © 1970 by B. Wahlströms Bokindustri AB, Falun.

To the right you can see an example of the later Wahlströms format, the one which is used today. It is more of a glossy finished picture cover than the earlier versions. While my example has Norma Miralles artwork (who also illustrated the Sparrow (UK) paperbacks of the Dana Girls series), recently these books have used American artwork rather than create their own originals.

Originally the Wahlströms books were marketed under the "flickböcker" series, meaning "girls books."  In the 1980s Wahlströms introduced their "ungdomsböcker" line, which translates to "books for the young." Both boys' and girls' books would have been issued with the ungdomsböcker label.   The Kitty books are found under both monikers. 

More information on this series can be found at Wikipedia Sweden.  Also, Kitty fan Anna Rispan maintains a blog (mostly in Swedish) about the Swedish editions.

Digest size glossy hardback - 6 7/8" H x 4 1/2" W; spine is red with catalog number at top, title with "KITTY" in big black letters, Carolyn Keene.

Kitty och spindelmysteriet (The Spider Sapphire Mystery). Artwork by Norma Miralles, copyright © 1991 by ScandBook AB, Falun.

Several of the stories were issued only in a taller format and not under the shorter red spine editions above.  There are two heights and the 9" version may have been part of a book club offering - they have a badge on them which denotes them as "Ungdoms Favoriter" or "youth favorites."

These titles are designated on the list below with **                          


Large size glossy hardback - 8 1/4" or 9" H x 5 1/2" or 6 1/8" W, white spine, title with "KITTY" in big letters (usually pink), Carolyn Keene.    Kitty och mysteriet på operan (Intrigue at the Grand Opera). Artwork by Patrick Whelan, copyright © 2003 by Simon & Schuster, USA.


Swedish Title

U.S. Title



Kitty som detectiv (aka Kitty och klockmysteriet)

Old Clock

Nancy who is a detective (clock mystery)


Kitty i spökhuset

Hidden Staircase

Nancy and the haunted house

1953, 1965

Kitty och kidnapparen


Nancy and the kidnappers


Kitty och diamantstölden

Lilac Inn

Nancy and the stolen diamonds


Kitty och hemligheten på ranchen

Shadow Ranch

Nancy and the mystery of the ranch

1955, 1964

Kitty och hemliga grottan

Red Gate Farm

Nancy and the secret cave

Kitty och dagboksmysteriet

Clue in Diary

Nancy and the diary mystery


Kitty och det mystiska brevet

Mysterious Letter

Nancy and the mysterious letter

Kitty och tornrummets hemlighet

Twisted Candles

Nancy and the secret of the tower room

1965, 1968

Kitty och armbandsmysteriet

Larkspur Lane

Nancy and the bracelet mystery

Kitty och tvillingmysteriet

Broken Locket

Nancy and the twin mystery


Kitty och ekens hemlighet

Hollow Oak

Nancy and the secret of the oak

Kitty och den heliga elefanten

Ivory Charm

Nancy and the holy elephant

Kitty och försvunna bevisen

Whispering Statue

Nancy and the missing proof

Kitty och ruinens hemlighet

Haunted Bridge

Nancy and the secret of the ruins


Kitty och det falska testamentet

Tapping Heels

Nancy and the false will

Kitty och koffertens hemlighet

Brass Bound Trunk

Nancy and the secret of the trunk


Kitty i det öde huset

Moss-Covered Mansion

Nancy and the deserted house

Kitty och den försvunna skattsökarkartan

Missing Map

Nancy and the missing treasure map

Kitty och det mystiska juvelskrinet

Jewel Box

Nancy and the mysterious jewel-case


Kitty och hemligheten på den gamla vinden

Old Attic

Nancy and the mysert in the old attic

Kitty och murens hemlighet

Crumbling Wall

Nancy and the secret of the wall


Kitty och ekot i grottan

Tolling Bell

Nancy and the echo in the cave

Kitty och zigenarmysteriet

Old Album

Nancy and the gypsy mystery


Kitty och spöket på Stora Skuggan

Blackwood Hall

Nancy and the ghost in the (house of the) Large Shadows


Kitty och skorstenens hemlighet

Leaning Chimney

Nancy and the secret of the chimney


Kitty och den försvunna galjonsbilden

Wooden Lady

Nancy and the missing figurehead

Kitty och nyckelmysteriet

Black Keys

Nancy and the keys mystery


Kitty och minkmysteriet

Ski Jump

Nancy and the mink mystery


Kitty och den maskerade mannen

Velvet Mask

Nancy and the masqueraded men

Kitty och cirkusmysteriet

Ringmaster's Secret

Nancy and the circus mystery


Kitty och de röda skorna

Scarlet Slipper

Nancy and the scarlet shoes


Kitty och häxans tecken

Witch Tree

Nancy and the witch sign

Kitty och fönstermysteriet

Hidden Window

Nancy and the window mystery

Kitty och den mystiska teaterbåten

Haunted Showboat

Nancy and the mysterious theater boat

Kitty och vita vålnaden

Golden Pavilion

Nancy and the white phantom

Kitty och spökvagnen

Old Stagecoach

Nancy and the ghost carriage

Kitty och drakmysteriet

Fire Dragon

Nancy and the dragon mystery

Kitty och dockans hemlighet

Dancing Puppet

Nancy and the secret of the puppet

Kitty och ödeslottets hemlighet

Moonstone Castle

Nancy and the secret of the deserted castle

Kitty och smuggelmysteriet

Whistling Bagpipes

Nancy and the smuggling mystery

Kitty hittar en skatt

Pine Hill

Nancy finds a treasure

Kitty och den gamla fångelsehåtan

99 Steps

Nancy and the old dungeon

Kitty och chiffermysteriet

Crossword Cipher

Nancy and the cipher mystery

Kitty och spindelmysteriet

Spider Sapphire

Nancy and the spider mystery

Kitty och sjöodjuret

Invisible Intruder

Nancy and the sea monster

Kitty och bönemattans hemlighet

Mysterious Mannequin

Nancy and the secret of the prayer-rug

Kitty och den talan de roboten

Crooked Bannister

Nancy and the expressive robot

Kitty och den mystiske trollkarlen

Mirror Bay

Nancy and the mysterious witchman

Kitty och den mystiske papegojan

Double Jinx

Nancy and the mysterious parrot

Kitty och det glödande ögat

Glowing Eye

Nancy and the glowing eye

Kitty och skelett-mysteriet

Forgotten City

Nancy and the skeleton mystery

Kitty och håsttjuven

Sky Phantom

Nancy and the horse thief

Kitty och skräck-fåglarna

Strange Message in Parchment

Nancy and the scary birds

Kitty och Krokodilöns hemlighet

Crocodile Island

Nancy and the secret of the crocodile

Kitty och den 13:e pärlan

Thirteenth Pearl

Nancy and the 13th pearl

1980, 1991

Kitty och ficktjuven

Triple Hoax

Nancy and the pickpocket

1981, 1991

Kitty och flygande tefatet

Flying Saucer

Nancy and the flying saucer


Kitty och den gyllene skatten

Old Lace

Nancy and the golden treasure


Kitty och det gåtfulla ansiktet

Greek Symbol

Nancy and the mysterious personage

1982, 1990

Kitty och den indiska ringen

Swami's Ring

Nancy and the indian ring


Kitty vid Andarnas berg

Kachina Doll

Nancy in the Andes Mountains


Kitty och flyktingmysteriet

Captive Witness

Nancy and the refugee mystery

1984, 1991

Kitty och fallet i Venedig

Winged Lion

Nancy and the case at Venice

1983, 1990

Kitty och filmmysteriet

Race Against Time

Nancy and the film mystery

1983, 1991

Kitty och svarta gamen

Sinister Omen

Nancy and the black vulture


Kitty och det gamla porträttet

Ancient Disguise

Nancy and the old portrait


Kitty och den spanska medaljongen

Broken Anchor

Nancy and the Spanish medallion


Kitty och golfmysteriet

Silver Cobweb

Nancy and the golf mystery


Kitty och jakten i skräckhuset **

Haunted Carousel

Nancy and the hunt in the scary house


Kitty och tjuvgömman

Enemy Match

Nancy and the place for harboring stolen property


Kitty och videomysteriet

Mysterious Image

Nancy and the video mystery


Kitty och mystiska katten

Emerald-Eyed Cat

Nancy and the mysterious cat


Kitty och trollpilen

Bluebeard Room

Nancy and the magic arrow


Kitty och den fasansfulla skepnaden **

Phantom of Venice

Nancy and the terrible figure


Kitty och spöket i fönstret

Fenley Place

Nancy and the ghost at the window


Kitty och stulna brudslögan

Vanishing Veil

Nancy and the stolen bridal veil


Kitty och varuhusmysteriet **

Joker's Revenge

Nancy and the department store mystery


Kitty och den vilda hingsten

Misty Canyon

Nancy and the wild stallion


Kitty och TV-mysteriet

Rising Stars

Nancy and the TV mystery


Kitty och kidnappade discjockeyn

Disappearing Deejay

Nancy and the kidnapped discjockey


Kitty och den gyllene beviset **

Silent Suspect

Nancy and the golden evidence


Kitty och vildmarksmysteriet

Seven Rocks

Nancy and the wilderness mystery


Kitty och det hundrade mysteriet

Secret in Time

Nancy and the 100th mystery


Kitty och den försvunna arvtagerskan

Missing Millionairess

Nancy and the lost heiress


Kitty och den dyrbara fiolen **

Secret in the Dark

Nancy and the precious violon


Kitty Och det brända brevets gåta

Stranger in Shadows

Nancy and the mystery of the burned letter


Kitty och den gröna tigern **

Jade Tiger

Nancy and the green tiger


Kitty och skuggan ur det förflutna

Antique Trunk

Nancy and the shadow from the past


Kitty och värdshusets gåta

Artful Crime

Nancy and the Inn puzzle


Kitty och guldgruvens gåta **

Miner's Creek

Nancy and the gold mine


Kitty och gyllene hästen **

Tibetan Treasure

Nancy and the golden horse


Kitty och den mystiske ryttaren

Masked Rider

Nancy and the mysterious rider


Kitty och mysteriet i öknen

Secret at Solaire

Nancy and the mystery in the desert


Kitty och mysteriet vid drottningens hov

Queen's Court

Nancy and the mystery at the queen's court


Kitty och legenden om Henrietta Lee

Secret Lost at Sea

Nancy and the legend of the Henrietta Lee


Kitty och den persiska kattens gåta **

Silver Persians

Nancy and the persian cat mystery


Kitty och julmysteriet

Twin Teddy Bears

Nancy and the Christmas mystery


Kitty och Heartliners hemlighet **

Floating Crime

Nancy and secret of The Heartliner


Kitty och spåkvinnans hemlighet **

Fortune-Teller's Secret

Nancy and the secret of the fortune teller


Kitty och El Diablos skatt

Haunted Mansion

Nancy and the treasure of El Diablo


Kitty och stumfilmens hemlighet **

Silver Screen

Nancy and the secret of the silent film


Kitty och reklamfilsmysteriet **

Teen Model

Nancy and the advertisement mystery


Kitty och mysteriet med de stulna bockerna

Rare Book

Nancy and the mystery with the stolen books


Kitty och det dolda tornets hemlighet

Royal Tower

Nancy and the secret of the hidden tower


Kitty och ishallens hemlighet

Crystal Palace

Nancy and the secret of the ice skating rink


Kitty vid vampyrernas grotta **

Forgotten Cave

Nancy and the vampire cave?


Kitty och den rubinröda gasellen

Ruby Gazelle

Nancy and the ruby red gazelle


Kitty och bröllopsmysteriet

Wedding Day Mystery

Nancy and the wedding mystery


Kitty och den svarta rosen

Black Rose

Nancy and the black rose


Kitty och legenden om det försvunna guldet

Lost Gold

Nancy and the legend of the lost gold


Kitty och falskmyntarligan

Candlelight Inn

Nancy and the gang of counterfeiters


Kitty och pumatjuvarna **

Wild Cat Crime

Nancy and the puma thiefs


Kitty och den gyllene kolibrin

Capital Intrigue

Nancy and the golden hummingbird


Kitty och mysteriet på Maui

Mystery in Maui

Nancy and the mystery in Maui


Kitty och e-post mysteriet

E-Mail Mystery

Nancy and the e-mail mystery


Kitty och dubbelbedragaren

Missing Horse

Nancy and the double fraud


Kitty och damen med lyktan

Lantern Lady

Nancy and the lady with the lantern


Kitty och stulna schackpjäserna

Captured Queen

Nancy and the stolen chessmen


Kitty och mysteriet med gulddublonerna

Gold Doubloons

Nancy and the mystery of the gold doubloons


Kitty och mysteriet på Dimmornas hed

Moorsea Manor

Nancy and the mystery at the misty moorland


Kitty och miljonvinsten

Chocolate Covered Contest

Nancy and the million gain


Kitty och den gamla nyckelns gåta

Satin Pocket

Kitty and the puzzle of the old key


Kitty och den viskande havsgrottan **

Whispers in Fog

Nancy and the sea cave whispers


Kitty och smaragdens gåta

Emerald Lady

Nancy and the mystery of the emerald


Kitty och stormjägaren

Tornado Alley

Nancy and the storm chaser


Kitty och mystiske stjärnskådaren

Secret in Stars

Nancy and the mysterious astronomer


Kitty och kristallfågelns gåta

Crystal Dove

Nancy and the mystery of the crystal bird


Kitty och träskmarkens hemlighet

Lost in Everglades

Nancy and the marshlands


Kitty och fallet med den glömda sången

Lost Song

Nancy and the case of the forgotten song


Kitty och mysteriet i vargarnas rike

Mother Wolf

Nancy and the mystery of wolf country


Kitty och Dödsängeln

Crime Lab

Nancy and the angel of death


Kitty och kuppen mot konstskolan **

Creative Crime

Nancy and the coup against the art school


Kitty och mysteriet med den gröna ön

Bike Tour

Nancy and the mystery of the green island


Kitty och den mystiska tjuven

Mistletoe Mystery

Nancy and the mysterious thief


Kitty och marionettdockans hemlighet

No Strings Attached

Nancy and the marionette doll mystery


Kitty och mysteriet på operan **

Grand Opera

Nancy and the mystery at the opera


Kitty på farlig kryssning

Great Lakes

Nancy on a dangerous cruise


Kitty på farlig-jakt

A Taste of Danger

Nancy on a dangerous hunt


Kitty och fallet med de försvunna vargarna

Winter Wonderland

Nancy and the case of the lost wolf



This publisher also released a few Kitty titles, and seems to have done a joint venture with Disney for a book club release. A tall version of Old Attic (1990) and Jewel Box (1991) were released through this publisher in conjunction with Disney's Ungdombokklobb.


Large size glossy hardback - 8 1/4" H x 5 " W.

Kitty och det mystiska juvelskrinet (The Clue in the Jewel Box). Artwork by Boada, copyright © 1988 by Richters Forlag AB, Malmö.

Swedish Title

U.S. Title


Kitty och det mystiska juvelskrinet

Jewel Box


Kitty och hemligheten på den gamla vinden

Old Attic


Kitty och tornrummets hemlighet

Twisted Candles


Kitty och armbandsmysteriet

Larkspur Lane


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