MATBAASI - Istanbul 1983
Kelebek Çocuk Kitapları/
Yayınları (Butterfly Children's Books)

There are records in the National Library of Turkey in Ankara indicating that three titles from the Nancy Drew series were released in Turkish during the 1980s. They appear to be the result of a venture with Idéal (Hachette) of France as the girl sleuth's name is Alice and the author's name is Caroline Quine. Some also list Philippe Daure as the artist, although the covers I have seen online are not in his style, so probably the attribution is for the internal illustrations.

Unfortunately I have not been able to get my hot little hands on a copy of these editions so cannot provide information about the physical dimensions, etc.  I believe they are hardbacks and may have dust jackets.  I have also found evidence of a "Dedektif Alice" book, also by Caroline Keene and from the same publisher, although the graphics and fonts on the front are different. 


Alice kukulalar pesinde (Clue of the Dancing Puppet?).  Artist unknown
© 1983 Matbaasi, Istanbul.

Turkish Title

English translation


Alice: Elmas taç

Diamond Diadem (Pine Hill?)


Alice: Esrarengiz sandik

Mysterious Trunk (Brass Bound Trunk)


Alice kuklalar pesinde

Nancy in Pursuit of Dolls/Puppets (Dancing Puppet?)


Dedektif Alice: Hawai Adalarinda
 Hawaiian Islands (Golden Pavilion?)

Many thanks to Charles Sabatos for his help in translating the titles. He's the only person I've ever heard of who has actually SEEN one of these books!

One other title by Caroline Quine, Kayip gölün büyücüsü was published in 1977 and appears to be the Dana Girls book Secret of Lost Lake.

 INKILAP - Istanbul - 2006

Dedektif Nancy Drew'un Maceralari (Detective Nancy Drew Adventures)

These titles  are from the Girl Detective series, although the artwork and layout on the covers is recycled from some of the last few classic PBs.  They were released around the same time as the US launch of this revamped series.  Translated by Hande Canli.

Digest size paperback 7 3/4" H x 5 3/8" W


Turkish Title

English Title


İz Bırakmadan

Without a Trace


2 Zamana Karşı Yarış
Race Against Time



Sahte Mesaj

False Notes



Büyük Risk

High Risk


5 Işıklar, Kamera Lights, Camera 2006


new MANDOLIN YAYINLARI - Istanbul    2010

Dedektif Nancy Drew'un Maceralari (Detective Nancy Drew Adventures)

While these books use the same tag line as the Inkilap books, these titles are from the classic digest paperback series rather than  Girl Detective.  They are fairly low quality paperbacks with the same basic cover on all the books - only the little graphic which represents the story changes (for example, alligator for Lost in the Everglades).  They are probably from a subsidiary of Inkilap as the title pages are very similar in terms of fonts and layout. Translated by Meriç Akçay Güvenç.
Digest size paperback 7 3/4" H x 5 1/4" W, pink spine
Everglades'te Kaybolan Kız (Lost in the Everglades). Artist unattributed
© 2010 by Mandolin Yayınları, Istanbul.

Turkish Title

English Title

Literal Translation
Gönül Bağı Olmadan

No Strings Attached

without hearts look


Tutsak Vezir Olayı
Captured Queen
prisoner queen event


Everglades'te Kaybolan Kız

Lost in the Everglades   

girl lost in the everglades


Zümrüt Leydi Efsanesi

Emerald Lady

legend of the emerald lady


Binicilik Kulübünde Olay Riding Club Crime
riding club events in

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